Monday, August 3, 2009


  This is the second Supercar (red) found. Built by Supercar Co. LTD Coventry, England. I decided to build a new version of this model because of its simple and clean design. It also looks like a 30's Ford Roadster, one of my favorite cars. This is the largest build I am taking on and the boat tail design is proving to be very challenging. Slow and steady finishes the race.


  1. Angel, Your BLOG looks great! This is probably the best way to showcase your work. The shots of the cars are perfect. Even in their present condition the cars look cool out in the open.

  2. Nice stuff. My friend Rishi Kumar drives a 1935 Rytecraft Scootacar here in Calcutta. The annual rally was yesterday. Good to see more of them. Thanks, john

  3. Thanks John, I appreciate your kind words. I am glad to here of the rally. Please send me a link if available, so I can add it here. I look forward to seeing pictures taken at the event. I know the Rytecraft is a very rare little car.