Tuesday, September 18, 2012

baby jeep, my latest ride

   2012 has been a very challenging year. Trying to finish a project or two but with the home upkeep and the honey do list, my pace is that of Cecil the turtle. I managed to get the motor installed and jackshaft built for the baby jeep and all worked well. Also I ran into an issue making the steering column work on a model that is less than 7 ft. long, actually 6' 8" long.

   I had to notch an opening on the hood that allowed the steering column to come thru.  I managed to design a scoop that not only concealed the new opening but served as a stop for the windshield frame when in the up position. It was either doing this or making a longer body which is out of the question, noooooo....... This is not built to scale but my version of a military Willy's jeep.

   Ok, so below are the results so far. I need to make a seat pad, very simple and make or find a back rest. I was looking on ebay for some old military seat parts. I did find a back rest made of tubular steel that seems to fit the bill but awaiting information on the dimensions. I need to build the front fenders over the wood base and add rear fenders. I plan to add further details such as a canvas top, lights, etc.,

 baby jeep next to Camry

Friday, January 13, 2012

baby jeep Update

Here is an update on the baby Jeep. As mentioned on my older post, Jeep has gone thru a re-design. Original frame chassis was weakened from old rust and not sturdy enough for my standards. I decided to remove entire chassis from the frame and re-make an entirely new chassis so I can add appropriate axles with suspension . After removing the chassis from the body I opened up the rear wheel wells to allow room for the wider axels and larger tires. It worked out great especially because I wanted to add larger tires but could not do that with the old frame.

 I also built the new chassis with the idea in mind to build another type of body that can fit over it.  Change over would take about 20 to 30 min. Now to design and plan for the other body. What will it be? You have to check future post's for clues. I can't give it all away.

 Tube frame and chassis.

 Opened wheel well and added necessary material to extend body a few inches.

 Tube chassis removed along with steering column and axles.

 Test fitting front Golf Car axle on new chassis.

 Doing away with more parts and redoing grill cage.
Tolerances and fitting of axles are all good.

More welding and reinforcements needed but the hard part is over.

Their is much more to do but this shows some of the progress thus far. Have recently installed the pedals and brake lines. This will rest for a while as I return to work on the Supercar. I would normally work on one model until completed but I only do my welding in my work shed and it is not heated. When not too cold outside I use a small heater but its best to weld in good climate, more for me than the work itself. Its supposed to be fun, not uncomfortable or dangerous. After all, it is a hobby. If you don't take care of your health, you have nothing.