Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Supercar's 1 and 2

The first car has no floor and the body , well as you can see, is shot. The red car's body is in better shape and has most of its floor although severely rusted. At least I have a better idea of how it was laid out. The cars were acquired aprox . 6 months apart. After taking many pictures of them, I had to ask myself what I wanted to do with them. They are too large for display inside a home and I was really thinking of restoring and taking them to shows. Then I decided on building an entirely new car.

First car came with its chassis, Villiers 98cc petrol engine, front and rear axles, tires and rims. No steering column or steering wheel. The red car came with no chassis but had everything else including a steering column and wheel. I built the chassis from same material as the original, 1/4" thick iron angle . I also built a 3/8" thick aluminum angle chassis. My idea is to create two models. I am using the aluminum chassis for the Supercar (electric) and the steel chassis for a Scootatruck (gas).

The Supercar will be electric powered by a 36v PM motor. It is still quite heavy but not as heavy as the steel chassis. When I add the motor and all the batteries it will probably end up weighing as much as the steel chassis, possibly more. Since this is an ongoing project I will posts updates as time permits.