Friday, October 23, 2015

Ihle Schottenring Car 4Sale

  Ihle Schottenring Car is a cool find that I started to restore last year. Ihle has nearly all of its original parts including the rare Hirth engine, exhaust and fuel tank. Body has been repaired with new 16g. steel floor and sides. Body was blasted and powder coated with rich zinc primer. Super hard material that seals the metal.
Chassis in great condition. The best frame or chassis I have found to date with nothing missing or cut off. Chassis cleaned, primed and coated with Extreme Chassis Gloss Black. Most of the large trim pcs. like the grab rails, nose grille, center hood trim, front fender trim and headlight housing have been chromed with Cosmochrome and ready for final assembly.  
   2 of the spinners are broken and missing a wing, 2 are complete and chromed. 4 rims are lightly blasted and ready for paint or powder coating. Some parts cleaned and ready for further work, some parts as found. Including a set of 4 new white wall tires and inner tubes, size 4x8. Rear bumper powder coated gloss black, needs rubber. What I know to be missing on this car is the seat. Just make a wood frame and upholster, very easy.
   Missing carberature and clutch for Hirth engine and some latches for the rear end. Also front signal lens and 1 tail light.
     All offers considered.  SOLD

                            Ihle in found condition.

                                   Parts restored