Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ihle Restoration Complete

  After the World Microcar Meet 2010 in August, it was time to complete the car by adding the electrics, hardware and some gas! The car is set-up for 10 mph only. Engine still has the governor installed.

  The next event I attended was the Wheels In Motion open car show at Konner Chevrolet in W. Caldwell NJ, where Ihle took 1st Place in the Special Interest category. There were 14 participants in this category. This gives you an idea of how many cars Ihle actually competed against.  In total there were 19 categories and over 140 cars.

  The last event I attended was The 1st Atlantic City HorsePower Rally. No categories for my car but it did receive many votes for the Low Rider category. With all the cool vintage cars including many low riders I am happy to say that most of the participants showed great interest in the car. It was definately the oddball of the lot but it put a smile on everyone's face.

   The following pictures were taken there. The Ihle car is currently listed for sale so please inquire. Offers considered. I can also provide shipping for a fee (east coast).