Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Body Frame

Once the chassis was built I began to build the body frame consisting of iron angle . I hand bent all the metal using only hand tools and a vise. Two vises actually as they took quite a beating. Not having all the proper tools, it was more difficult than I had imagined. I did get a good workout though. Again, this is my first build and did not imagine I would want to build another model after this experience. I thought, let me build the minicar I always wanted and get it out of my system. Then the minicar bug bit. Now, I need advanced tools to further my goals.

When frame was completed and was satisfied with the results, I often returned to improve or modify something. Learned in the process to identify the weak spots and improve on the design. Used the original idea while incorporating some of my own, reinforcing the new frame in different ways. Am using a Lincoln MIG 140 welder. Very good control and penetration up to 5/16" thick metal. Started out with flux core wire, then switched to the Super Arc wire. Better results with less cleaning involved.
Looking forward to TIG welding for advanced projects that require more precision. A good TIG machine can be many times the cost of a MIG machine but the investment is well worth it.

Having other models in my collection like the Ihle Bruchsal and the Speed King Racer helped me to use the best ideas of all the cars. They all have similar frame structure using iron angle, yet unique to their own design. So much material and parts available in the market today that the difficult part is choosing the best materials for your projects. Time frame and cost for materials vary greatly. It all depends on how far you want to take it. My cars are simple in design. I am basically repeating what has already been done. Just trying to refine the build a bit more and hopefully the final outcome will reflect that. Most importantly for me is how much fun I am having building them.