Tuesday, September 18, 2012

baby jeep, my latest ride

   2012 has been a very challenging year. Trying to finish a project or two but with the home upkeep and the honey do list, my pace is that of Cecil the turtle. I managed to get the motor installed and jackshaft built for the baby jeep and all worked well. Also I ran into an issue making the steering column work on a model that is less than 7 ft. long, actually 6' 8" long.

   I had to notch an opening on the hood that allowed the steering column to come thru.  I managed to design a scoop that not only concealed the new opening but served as a stop for the windshield frame when in the up position. It was either doing this or making a longer body which is out of the question, noooooo....... This is not built to scale but my version of a military Willy's jeep.

   Ok, so below are the results so far. I need to make a seat pad, very simple and make or find a back rest. I was looking on ebay for some old military seat parts. I did find a back rest made of tubular steel that seems to fit the bill but awaiting information on the dimensions. I need to build the front fenders over the wood base and add rear fenders. I plan to add further details such as a canvas top, lights, etc.,

 baby jeep next to Camry