Thursday, October 1, 2009

Floor Panel

 Here is what the floor looked like when detached from the body of the red Supercar. Hard to believe that I actually paid monies for rust of this magnitude says my wife but I only envisioned a finished car with all new materials. I did not see the rust but rather a pattern for my new prototype.
 Before the frame and chassis was built I made a test floor out of 12 gauge steel. Very heavy and much stronger than needed so I decided to go with an aluminum diamond plate floor 1/8" thick at half the weight. Plenty strong. Stronger than the original 20 gauge floor. I will use the 12 gauge floor panel on another build. Nothing goes to waste especially since the price of metal has gone thru the roof.

 The floor was made as a one piece section but installation was difficult and so I cut it in two parts. Much easier to work with, removing only the section that requires attention. I made the floor different than the original. The floor, body and chassis is designed to be stronger than the original.