Monday, August 23, 2010

World Microcar Meet 2010

Here is the latest news regarding Microcar events. As I advanced my home build projects early this year, came across the news of an upcoming event, the World Meet 2010 in Crystal Lake IL. I wanted to bring a project car but they are far from being complete. Turning my attention to my IHLE Schottenring car that was waiting for restoration,  I asked myself if there would be enough time to do a complete restoration in 6 month's? Was gamed but never realized how difficult it would be to get the car ready for the meet in such a short time. Would have to say it was wonderful torture?

  The IHLE Schottenring car is an amusement park car noteworthy of being considered a real microcar. That is my personal opinion, but believe many enthusiast's would agree with me. I knew the car would be displayed amongst some of the very best of microcars around so had to bring my A game. Decided to add my personal touches to the car to make it unique. Plans were to make the car look and feel more like a full size vintage roadster and less like an amusement park car. Not sure if I accomplished this due to the size of the car but it now features parts I custom made for it. Got like 80 percent done. Need to do the final wiring and add my lights and try to make it street legal?

   This is the first and only IHLE Schottenring car with doors. Fabricated the doors and full length running boards to tie in the front and rear fenders. Color scheme was changed from black/orange,red to Blue/Red. Also made a new dash with rivet accents, added new stainless steel bumpers, interior hand brake, pleated upholstery and new Honda GX390 engine. This is a my passion, to combine my interest in art, metal and microcars.