Saturday, August 15, 2015


 After a long absence from this page I introduce my recent build. The Skutatruck. Inspired by the Rytecraft Scootatruck of 1935. This is my version and all hand made mini pick-up truck assembled in my small work shop. I built Skutatruck using car, motorcycle, scooter and many other parts that work to create this one of a kind model.
   For the last 5 years I have been building the parts in my spare time and all came together in the last 10 months. 
   Working only from a picture and no actual blue print, allows me to take liberty with my design and fabrication. 
   Skutatruck is strongly made using an angle iron frame structure like that of the Supercar or Ihle cars. All steel panels for doors and body including a custom built all leather mini bobber seat and golf car leaf spring axles front and back.
  The interior includes simple gauges such as oil temp, oil pressure and battery level, indicator lights, horn and head light/ tail light switch. For a special touch I hand engraved the aluminum panel that overlays the steel dashboard.
  Engine is electric start 13hp and made by Lifan engines. A custom made bracket supports the mini Denso 35 amp alternator.
   A few more items needed such as trim, bumpers, plaque and final paint to complete. Hope you enjoy and come back to see the final results in next post?