Sunday, June 11, 2017

2nd Ihle Schottenring Car Restored

After 2 summers and working a few hours a week weather permitting I finally finished my 2nd Ihle Car Restoration painted like the one that used to be housed at the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in GA. Car is almost complete when I found it. Only missing a few trim pcs. and a few of the originals were broken. It does have its rear spinners (not shown) but a wing on each are broken off.

  New old stock Briggs & Stratton 8hp  Flat Top engine, with electric start as an add on. Headlights,  tail light access and volt meter.

 The new owner liked the idea of a dash to operate the car in modern fashion. Single pedal design functions like original. Accelerates and also brakes the car.  See video on Flickr.

It is making its journey to a new home in FL. I will post a few pictures here but if you would like to see more pictures before and after restoration, please go to my photo link on Flickr.

As I start to slow down on some of the projects I will update the blog and add other interesting projects and finds. Have any interesting minicar projects? Please share. Have fun and God bless!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Ihle Schottenring Car 4Sale

  Ihle Schottenring Car is a cool find that I started to restore last year. Ihle has nearly all of its original parts including the rare Hirth engine, exhaust and fuel tank. Body has been repaired with new 16g. steel floor and sides. Body was blasted and powder coated with rich zinc primer. Super hard material that seals the metal.
Chassis in great condition. The best frame or chassis I have found to date with nothing missing or cut off. Chassis cleaned, primed and coated with Extreme Chassis Gloss Black. Most of the large trim pcs. like the grab rails, nose grille, center hood trim, front fender trim and headlight housing have been chromed with Cosmochrome and ready for final assembly.  
   2 of the spinners are broken and missing a wing, 2 are complete and chromed. 4 rims are lightly blasted and ready for paint or powder coating. Some parts cleaned and ready for further work, some parts as found. Including a set of 4 new white wall tires and inner tubes, size 4x8. Rear bumper powder coated gloss black, needs rubber. What I know to be missing on this car is the seat. Just make a wood frame and upholster, very easy.
   Missing carberature and clutch for Hirth engine and some latches for the rear end. Also front signal lens and 1 tail light.
     All offers considered.  SOLD

                            Ihle in found condition.

                                   Parts restored

Saturday, August 15, 2015


 After a long absence from this page I introduce my recent build. The Skutatruck. Inspired by the Rytecraft Scootatruck of 1935. This is my version and all hand made mini pick-up truck assembled in my small work shop. I built Skutatruck using car, motorcycle, scooter and many other parts that work to create this one of a kind model.
   For the last 5 years I have been building the parts in my spare time and all came together in the last 10 months. 
   Working only from a picture and no actual blue print, allows me to take liberty with my design and fabrication. 
   Skutatruck is strongly made using an angle iron frame structure like that of the Supercar or Ihle cars. All steel panels for doors and body including a custom built all leather mini bobber seat and golf car leaf spring axles front and back.
  The interior includes simple gauges such as oil temp, oil pressure and battery level, indicator lights, horn and head light/ tail light switch. For a special touch I hand engraved the aluminum panel that overlays the steel dashboard.
  Engine is electric start 13hp and made by Lifan engines. A custom made bracket supports the mini Denso 35 amp alternator.
   A few more items needed such as trim, bumpers, plaque and final paint to complete. Hope you enjoy and come back to see the final results in next post?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

baby jeep, my latest ride

   2012 has been a very challenging year. Trying to finish a project or two but with the home upkeep and the honey do list, my pace is that of Cecil the turtle. I managed to get the motor installed and jackshaft built for the baby jeep and all worked well. Also I ran into an issue making the steering column work on a model that is less than 7 ft. long, actually 6' 8" long.

   I had to notch an opening on the hood that allowed the steering column to come thru.  I managed to design a scoop that not only concealed the new opening but served as a stop for the windshield frame when in the up position. It was either doing this or making a longer body which is out of the question, noooooo....... This is not built to scale but my version of a military Willy's jeep.

   Ok, so below are the results so far. I need to make a seat pad, very simple and make or find a back rest. I was looking on ebay for some old military seat parts. I did find a back rest made of tubular steel that seems to fit the bill but awaiting information on the dimensions. I need to build the front fenders over the wood base and add rear fenders. I plan to add further details such as a canvas top, lights, etc.,

 baby jeep next to Camry

Friday, January 13, 2012

baby jeep Update

Here is an update on the baby Jeep. As mentioned on my older post, Jeep has gone thru a re-design. Original frame chassis was weakened from old rust and not sturdy enough for my standards. I decided to remove entire chassis from the frame and re-make an entirely new chassis so I can add appropriate axles with suspension . After removing the chassis from the body I opened up the rear wheel wells to allow room for the wider axels and larger tires. It worked out great especially because I wanted to add larger tires but could not do that with the old frame.

 I also built the new chassis with the idea in mind to build another type of body that can fit over it.  Change over would take about 20 to 30 min. Now to design and plan for the other body. What will it be? You have to check future post's for clues. I can't give it all away.

 Tube frame and chassis.

 Opened wheel well and added necessary material to extend body a few inches.

 Tube chassis removed along with steering column and axles.

 Test fitting front Golf Car axle on new chassis.

 Doing away with more parts and redoing grill cage.
Tolerances and fitting of axles are all good.

More welding and reinforcements needed but the hard part is over.

Their is much more to do but this shows some of the progress thus far. Have recently installed the pedals and brake lines. This will rest for a while as I return to work on the Supercar. I would normally work on one model until completed but I only do my welding in my work shed and it is not heated. When not too cold outside I use a small heater but its best to weld in good climate, more for me than the work itself. Its supposed to be fun, not uncomfortable or dangerous. After all, it is a hobby. If you don't take care of your health, you have nothing.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Build Update & a Restored Speed King Auto Racer (SKAR) on YouTube

Hello to all. I have been busy working on the Super Car and Baby Jeep car for some time now. The Baby jeep is no longer a restoration but a new build. I chopped all of the bottom chassis out and decided to construct a new and stronger chassis made of 1 1/2"x 1 1/2"x1/8" square tubing. Now its my own design. Will use the upper jeep body that I modified and restored. I added a golf car front and rear axle with coil over shock suspension. I designed the chassis to accomodate all the new parts and still use the cool jeep body or any other body I wish to build. Pictures to follow.

   Before I leave I want to share a clip on You Tube that belongs to my freind Thomas Fetterman. He acquired the rare Speed King Auto Racer (SKAR) last year and finished restoring it to original condition a few days ago. What a great job he did and what a historical piece of Americana. Too bad I sold my SKAR earlier this year. I have too many projects on hand. I hope you enjoy his video. Please share your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ihle Restoration Complete

  After the World Microcar Meet 2010 in August, it was time to complete the car by adding the electrics, hardware and some gas! The car is set-up for 10 mph only. Engine still has the governor installed.

  The next event I attended was the Wheels In Motion open car show at Konner Chevrolet in W. Caldwell NJ, where Ihle took 1st Place in the Special Interest category. There were 14 participants in this category. This gives you an idea of how many cars Ihle actually competed against.  In total there were 19 categories and over 140 cars.

  The last event I attended was The 1st Atlantic City HorsePower Rally. No categories for my car but it did receive many votes for the Low Rider category. With all the cool vintage cars including many low riders I am happy to say that most of the participants showed great interest in the car. It was definately the oddball of the lot but it put a smile on everyone's face.

   The following pictures were taken there. The Ihle car is currently listed for sale so please inquire. Offers considered. I can also provide shipping for a fee (east coast).

Monday, August 23, 2010

World Microcar Meet 2010

Here is the latest news regarding Microcar events. As I advanced my home build projects early this year, came across the news of an upcoming event, the World Meet 2010 in Crystal Lake IL. I wanted to bring a project car but they are far from being complete. Turning my attention to my IHLE Schottenring car that was waiting for restoration,  I asked myself if there would be enough time to do a complete restoration in 6 month's? Was gamed but never realized how difficult it would be to get the car ready for the meet in such a short time. Would have to say it was wonderful torture?

  The IHLE Schottenring car is an amusement park car noteworthy of being considered a real microcar. That is my personal opinion, but believe many enthusiast's would agree with me. I knew the car would be displayed amongst some of the very best of microcars around so had to bring my A game. Decided to add my personal touches to the car to make it unique. Plans were to make the car look and feel more like a full size vintage roadster and less like an amusement park car. Not sure if I accomplished this due to the size of the car but it now features parts I custom made for it. Got like 80 percent done. Need to do the final wiring and add my lights and try to make it street legal?

   This is the first and only IHLE Schottenring car with doors. Fabricated the doors and full length running boards to tie in the front and rear fenders. Color scheme was changed from black/orange,red to Blue/Red. Also made a new dash with rivet accents, added new stainless steel bumpers, interior hand brake, pleated upholstery and new Honda GX390 engine. This is a my passion, to combine my interest in art, metal and microcars.